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Prize giving for all the awards takes place every year at the AGM in December.

As well as awards given to those gaining points through out the year, the Committee also make discretionary awards, such as Most Improved Senior & Junior members, Best All-rounder, Best Team Spirit, Best Helper etc.

info on how points are awarded

The Awards and their History


Dressage/Combined Training Cup donated by Barbara Edmonds.

In memory of Grasshopper, who was good extremely good at all disciplines but especially dressage and show jumping, this cup is for the horse or pony with the most dressage/combined training points. Grasshopper was a prolific winner at show jumping, representing the Club on many occasions and was a former Horse of Year. 


Show Jumping Trophy donated by Carol Hogg.

In memory of Carol's very successful Show Jumper, this trophy is for the horse with the most Show Jumping points. 


Show Jumping Trophy donated by Samantha Hunt.

This pair represented the club in many show jumping and cross country teams. Abigail Forge was a prolific winner, with an amazing jump. The trophy is for the Pony with most SJ points. 


Memorial Cross-Country Cup.

Donated for the best cross-country performance from accumulated points over the season. 


Horse of the Year Cup donated by Sue Odom.

This cup is in honour of her own horse who has competed on many occasions for the club. It is awarded to the horse gaining the most points in all disciplines.


Pony of the Year cup donated by Abi Houghton.

This cup is in honour of 'Goldie' a stalwart of the Show Jumping teams and who frequently comes 'out of retirement' to compete one more time! 


Best Allrounder donated by Blan Walker. 

A new award for 2005, chosen by the Committee for the horse or pony that is not necessarily the best at any one particular discipline, but is a true Riding Club horse.


This trophy has been donated by Maddy Uren in memory of her horse Twiggers. The trophy is to be given to a member of the riding club who has surpassed themselves in trying something new, trying really hard throughout the year or by just putting a smile on faces.


A beautiful bronze horse's head kindly donated by Mary Feilden for the best endurance performance.

Past Winners of Horse and Pony of the Year

2018 - Crumpwell Uriel (HOY) & Chasend Monarch Of The Glen (POY)

2017 - Crumpwell Uriel (HOY) & Finkleydown Brenhines (POY)

2016 - Mennialt Karl (HOY) & Finkleydown Brenhines (POY)

2015 - Millie's Ace (HOY) & Dixie Dude (POY)

2014 - Houdini's Odyssey (HOY) & Dixie Dude (POY)

2013 - Pagans Dancer (HOY) & Arthen Melten (POY)

2012 - Marston Moonbeam (HOY) & Cadlan Valley Man (POY)

2011 - Houdini's Odyssey (HOY) & Altwen Tracey (POY)

2010 - Waterboatman (HOY) & Beulieu (POY)

2009 - Houdini's Odyssey (HOY) & Patrick (POY)

2008 - 1st Brief Encountre (Lisa Edmonds), =2nd Our Martine (Angie Handley) & Waterboatman (Sue Odom)

2007 - 1st Our Martine (Angie Handley), 2nd Oh So Sweet (Diane Johnson)

2006 - 1st Oh So Sweet (Diane & Amy Johnson), 2nd Our Martine (Angie Handley)

2005 - 1st Apollo (Hannah Browne), 2nd Houdini's Odyssey (Abi Houghton)

2004 - 1st Midge (Lisa Edmonds), 2nd Apollo (Hannah Browne)

2003 - 1st Mento Be (Vikki Smith), 2nd Four Weddings (Blan Walker)

2002 - 1st Beaulieu (Charlotte Johnson), 2nd Four Weddings (Blan Walker)

2001 - 1st Waterboatman (Sue Odom)

2000 - 1st Just Bailey (Jenny Comley), 2nd Captain Black (Karen Saunders)

1999 - 1st Minoru (Helen Holmes), 2nd Captain Black (Karen Saunders)

1998 - 1st Nicholas Nickleby (Tom Lockyer)

1997 - 1st Pinkerton Man (Clare Sellman, nee Franklin)

1996 - 1st Noble Walter (Caroline Young)

1995 - 1st Manfred (Lisel Phillips)

1994 - 1st Noble Walter (Caroline Young), 2nd Ginny (Maxine Bridges)

1993 - 1st Hadleigh (Barbara Edmonds)

1992 - 1st Hadleigh (Barbara Edmonds), 2nd Charlesville (Jenny Johnson/Kelly Cooper)

1991 - 1st Jolly Roger (Diana Scott), 2nd Freeway (Jayne Purvis)

1990 - 1st Irish Tartan (Lisa Paget)

1989 - 1st Hadleigh (Barbara Edmonds), 2nd Maple Sugar (Diane Johnson)

1988 - 1st Bobby Sox (Rebecca Hogg)

1987 - 1st Drifter (Claire Tiplady), 2nd Little Caesar (Rebecca Hogg)

1986 - 1st Lucy Glitters (Barbara Edmonds)

1985 - 1st Magnum Opus (Tony Patterson), 2nd Lady Babooshka (Julie Harrison)

1984 - 1st Summer Wine (Diane Johnson), 2nd Magnum Opus (Tony Patterson)

1983 - 1st Grasshopper (Barbara Edmonds), 2nd Flicka (Diane Johnson)

1982 - 1st Leafield Queen (Adam Kemp), 2nd Palouse Valley (Fran Townsend)

1981 - 1st Blenheim Blue Shadow (Mia Loder)

1980 - 1st Blenheim Blue Shadow (Mia Loder)

1979 - 1st Melody (Margaret Fowler), 2nd Blenheim Blue Shadow (Mia Loder)