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West Oxfordshire Riding Club Clothing and Merchandise

At WORC we love to see our members promoting the club by wearing club clothing at training or events. Whether you have just hopped off after a great XC round and want to hide that ‘hat hair’ or if you are the star volunteer or support crew either way we are proud to wear our logo & hope you are too!

Please go to who have a huge collection of items which can be embroidered with the club logo.

Polo shirts, jumpers, rugs, saddles cloths, jackets, gillets and add your own personalisation, just quote WORC and they will add the badge onto your item

Visit their online store to purchase http://

For our team XC base layers again we use Cornish Equestrian who have designed us some super smart long base layers at great prices. These tops can also be personalised to include any extra detail/name you like.

To order go to